2024 Sisterhood Summit Tour

Come for a day of sisterhood, connection, game-changing speakers and fun. Attendees of this one day event will leave feeling seen and appreciated and will leave with useable tools to not only increase your connections to others but also to stay in your own zone of genius longer to amply your impact to the world and your joy level while conquering your next big dream. Bonus - Swag and prizes. Live events include lunch. Virtual event includes swag being mailed to you and in your hands prior to the event. Bring a non-DOT guest and get special bundle pricing.

Attendee Admission: $125
Attendee Admission & Celebration 2024 Discount: $99
Attendee Admission Plus Guest Admission: $199

5/9/24 Lancaster PA - Eden Resort

Speakers are: Shannon Crotty, Mindy VanVleet, Lisa Condon and Reesy Neff
* Ticket sales are now closed (4/4/2024)

6/20/24 Altoona, WI - River Prairie Center

Speakers are: Shannon Crotty, Wendi Giuliano, Wendy Babcock and Nickie Kromminga Hill
* Ticket sales are now closed (5/16/2024)

7/18/24 Virtual 11am-4pm cst

Speakers are: Shannon Crotty, Mindy VanVleet, Wendi Giuliano, Kirsteen Williamson-Guinn and Rikki Smith
* Ticket sales are now closed (6/13/2024)