What is Diamond Membership?

Diamond is a group of Polka Dot Powerhouse members who have chosen to engage and connect on a higher level of business building and self-development. PDP members join Diamond because they are looking for a new level of accountability in their business. Diamond Membership provides members the opportunities to host a Master Class, join a Small Group Mastermind, and so much more!

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Elaine Turso, Diamond Managing Director

Are you serious about growing personally and professionally? As Diamonds, Together We Shine! We make time where others make excuses and we push forward when others pull back. We may not know the exact path but we understand the importance of surrounding ourselves by others dreaming big and making it happen! We connect. We collaborate. We exchange information. We support each other’s big goals and dreams. We are each other’s push agents.

Exclusive Benefits of Diamond Membership

  • Connected, collaborative community
  • Opportunity to present a Master Class to teach your fellow Diamond Members “your best practices”, new skills, programs, tools, etc.
  • Attend a Member-Hosted Master Class
  • Monthly Goal Setting Workshop
  • Small Group Mastermind twice a month (6-month Commitment)
  • Monthly Large Group Mastermind
  • Monthly Business Connect that features a guest speaker
  • Quarterly Founder’s Master Class with Shannon Crotty
  • Member-Hosted Co-Working opportunities
  • Join our Leadership Team!

Additional Diamond Details:

Member Hosted Master Class
Diamond Members can sign up to offer up to a 60-minute live Master Class and promote it to our Diamond Membership. These sessions are value-packed and action focused sessions.

Business Connect Meetings
An engaging monthly Zoom meeting with an opportunity to connect, celebrate, and network with members across the globe! These Zoom meetings are similar to a local chapter meeting with a Guest Trainer!

Use the Google Calendar to view current meeting schedule!

Mastermind Sessions
Masterminding is about support and problem-solving, a space to leave your ego at the door walk into this month, 60-minute Zoom meeting ready to share, support, and brainstorm. Whether you have an opportunity that is exciting yet also daunting or a conundrum you keep dealing with, you will walk away from each group mastermind with inspiration and accountability on the actions you need to take to move you closer to your goals!

Quarterly Founder's Master Class with Shannon Crotty
Diamond members are invited to a quarterly Master Class with the Founder! You will have exclusive access to Shannon Crotty in these inspiring and motivational sessions.

Monthly Goal Setting Sessions
Monthly goal setting sessions designed to help you achieve a laser focus on your goals and highest priorities.