Polka Dot Powerhouse welcomes the participation of women of all ages, races, abilities, backgrounds, religions, and sexual orientations. We seek and value a diverse and inclusive membership, and all women are encouraged to join.

Membership is open to women in both professional and traditional roles, and you do not need to own a business to join.

Members can register to attend ANY chapter meeting, at ANY location worldwide, at no additional cost.

We offer local as well as worldwide memberships. Each month there are local chapter meetings as well as an online virtual meeting; this is a fantastic opportunity to connect with women from across the country as well as internationally.


Access to the world’s most positive, action-forward women through our EXCLUSIVE online community featuring directories, blogs, videos, inspiration, motivation, and more.

Access to the very popular Facebook member's group where members from across the globe connect, help one another, do business together, send referrals, share, support, and push each other to the next level of success.

Ability to attend our life-changing, member-only Annual Celebration Event, as well as the ability to apply to be a speaker.

Your profile listed in our exclusive Member Directory.

Ability to contribute as a writer to our Dot Blog.

Access to our Managing Director Application (to start a chapter location in your area).

Membership is recorded in the name of the individual, not an organization. Each membership is personal, non-refundable, and non-transferable.

* Upgrading members' amount will vary

Diamond Membership is a connected, collaborative community focused on professional growth and development at every skill level. We value exchanging knowledge, best practices, and supportive solutions within the various opportunities that Diamond Membership provides.


Choose to Shine in a connected, collaborative community

Choose to Shine with an opportunity to present a Master Class to teach your fellow Diamond Members “your best practices”, new skills, programs, tools, etc. within multiple skill levels “Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Mastery”

Choose to Shine when you are open to attending a Member-Hosted Master Class

Choose to Shine during our Monthly Goal Setting Workshop

Choose to Shine in a Small Group Mastermind twice a month (Quarterly Commitment)

Choose to Shine in a Monthly Large Group Mastermind

Choose to Shine on our Monthly Business Connect that features a guest trainer.

Choose to Shine with our Quarterly Founder’s Master Class with Shannon Crotty

Choose to Shine with our Member-Hosted Co-Working opportunities

Choose to Shine by volunteering on our Leadership Team!

Choose to Shine with our Member Spotlight! Diamond Members will receive a special member spotlight in which we will share your bio, and business information on our Facebook Page, in our Private group and in our Newsletter.

Choose to Shine through our Member to Member Spotlight, where you will be partnered up with a fellow Diamond Member and you can interview each other on live video!

As a member of Diamond, you will get the opportunity to “Choose to Shine” and share your knowledge, “Best Practices” insight, learned skills with your fellow Diamond members by hosting a Master Class or a Member- Hosted Co-Working Party!

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