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$299/ first year

$199/ year renewal

Access to the world’s most positive, action-forward business women through our EXCLUSIVE online community featuring directories, blogs, videos, inspiration, motivation, and more.

Access to workshops and training, at special members-only pricing through our EXCLUSIVE Dot’s Development program, as well as the opportunity to apply to provide a training workshop of your own.

Access to the very popular, exclusive Facebook member's group where members from all across the globe connect, help one another, do business together, send referrals, share, push and support each other to the next level of success.

Ability to register for and attend our monthly online connection meetings (members can attend online connect meetings at no additional fee).

Access to our exclusive business resource pages which include downloads, specials, tips, and more.

Advance notice and member registration options for our Exclusive Annual Celebration Event, as well as the ability to apply to speak at the event.

Your listing in our exclusive member directory.

Access to our exclusive success summit pages.

Ability to contribute as a writer to our Expert Blog.

Ability to apply to become a PDP excellence approved speaker.

Access to our Managing Director Application (to help start a chapter location in your area).

Register and attend any live monthly connect meeting, at any chapter location, worldwide (members can attend meetings at any location and online at no additional fee).

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Diamond Membership

$700/ first year

$600/ year renewal*

*upgrading members amount will vary

All the benefits of business membership.

Access to this smaller group (fewer than 200) focused on business mastery and reaching the next level of success.

Personally coached and facilitated by our founder, Shannon Crotty along with more than 10 other success coaches in specialized areas.

Monthly online Diamond connect event (recorded and video available for future viewing).

Access to our exclusive Diamond Membership Facebook Group

Monthly videos in more than 10 areas of success

20 mastery trainings a year.

Bi-monthly, high-achiever book club and monthly online book club discussions.

Custom Diamond Member PDP Name badge to wear to meetings and functions.

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