San Mateo, CA

Launched In: May 2015
Chapter Leadership:
Karen Hoffmann
Leader of the Pack
Rose Sullivan
Guest Guru
Jana Lane
Guest Concierge
Monique Beaufort Davis
Queen of Renewals
Lorraine Mock
Social Media Goddess

Welcome to Polka Dot Powerhouse San Mateo! 

If you are looking for a place where you can be yourself without any judgement or explanation – look no further!

We are a group of strong, positive women – who support each other in our businesses and personal lives. 

Our chapter is a place where you will find sisters to laugh with you, cry with you, celebrate you and pick you up when things are rough.

You can stay the way you are or you can you can join Polka Dot Powerhouse and become the best version of YOU!

We look forward to meeting you and welcome you into our sisterhood!

Karen Hoffmann

650 400 7409