February Business Lunch Connect

February Business Lunch Connect

Join us to learn, network, and be inspired with other area professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, and visionaries! Chapter or Visiting Members are always welcome!  New or prospective members can join us at www.polkadotpowerhouse.com.  Come prepared to tell us about your passions and why you are doing what you do, come ready to celebrate you and your accomplishments, and come ready to collaborate with a Dot or two.

Featured Speaker: Julia Baginski-Brandt, Attorney and Unity Minister

Topic: Achieving Goals through Conscious Connection

Why is it that sometimes the goals we set for ourselves don’t come to fruition? We may be holding on to beliefs that are not in harmony with our desired outcomes. These types of beliefs may be so deeply rooted that they show up automatically, and operate constantly in our subconscious. If we are willing to look at what is running us, we can release those blocks and actually be available to the success we imagine. This presentation will include an interactive process of identifying your own self limiting belief(s), and provide a technique to release those and replace them with high vibrational energy. Committing to this practice will expand your consciousness and set you up to manifest what your heart desires. For this talk, we will focus on business goals, but this process may be applied to any area of life.

Julia was ordained in the International Metaphysical Ministry after completing a transformational bachelors and metaphysical practitioner program through the University of Sedona. She retired from practicing law after fifteen years, and is currently furthering her spiritual education by pursuing her purpose as a Unity Minister. Julia grew up on Unity teachings and demonstrates a profound understanding and application of Unity Principles. She is currently a third year student at Unity Urban Ministerial School. She also enjoys spending time with her family and working her home-based beauty business!


Meeting Details

Meeting Start Date/Time 02-16-2021 12:00 pm
Meeting End Date/Time 06-16-2020 2:00 pm
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 2
Location Santa Lucie River Club at Ballantrae

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