11:30am PST In-Person Connect: Expert Panel

11:30am PST In-Person Connect:  Expert Panel

Join us for an insightful expert panel discussion tackling the multifaceted challenges associated with inheriting a property. From navigating the process of clearing out belongings to efficiently selling the property, our panel will offer invaluable guidance. Additionally, learn practical tips for optimizing your credit score.


Navigating the Challenges of Selling a Property Belonging to a Deceased Family Member or Friend – Karen Clarke-Hoffmann

Karen made the United States her home in 2014; she discovered San Carlos during her relocation tour with her husband – and has been rooted in the community ever since. They enjoy the hiking and biking trails and San Carlos’s convenient access to the beach, where you will find them doing watersports or playing on the beach with their dog, Sprocket.

Having lived and worked on three continents, Karen has a unique ability to adapt to new environments, embrace the culture and traditions, and become a part of her community.

She has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Pretoria in South Africa, majoring in human resource management and political science.

Post-graduation, Karen started her career in sales before embarking on a solo adventure to explore the world. In 2000, she moved to the United Kingdom, where she had a successful corporate career in business development, investment banking, and financial services. She worked for several global organizations, including JP Morgan, General Electric, and Kellogg Brown and Root.

During Karen’s real estate career, she has carved out a niche for herself, assisting expatriates settling in the Bay Area, supporting empty nesters and seniors in downsizing efforts, and aiding families in probate and trust sales.

Her skill set extends to exceptional negotiation and project management capabilities.

Clients are drawn to her calm, compassionate nature and sense of humor.

Karen’s commitment to her clients is unwavering – she ensures no stone is left unturned in providing dedicated support throughout the real estate process.

Outside of real estate, Karen is a dedicated and popular fitness coach at the cutting-edge Cañada College Athletic Center and the esteemed San Mateo Athletic Center. Renowned for her ability to uplift and motivate individuals of diverse backgrounds and abilities, Karen is known for her commitment to empowering people of all ages and physical ability to unlock their full potential. Whether guiding someone through half marathon or triathlon training or simply encouraging them to run one lap around the track without pause, she approaches each person in her workout sessions with enthusiasm. Her genuine passion for growth and celebrating achievements shines through in every interaction, and she is an inspiration within her community.

Navigating the Journey: A Guide to Clearing Inherited Belongings – Jana Lane

Meet Jana:

Born a VIRGO and raised an Army kid, I was destined to be an organized human. By the time I graduated high school and moved out on my own at 17, my family and I had moved 10 times. The nomad lifestyle suited me, and thanks to my first career in retail, I moved another 17 times over the next 15 years. YES... 27 homes and 27 moves in 32 years. Needless to say, I learned very early how to pack & unpack and the importance of purging. I also fell in love with repurposing & rehoming items, and I fell in love with space planning. For me... NEXT was an adventure!

What I do:

 As a professional home organizer, I work IN PERSON throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Peninsula, VIRTUALLY anywhere in the world, AND I LOVE to travel for speaking engagements.

 In-person organizing is a great solution if you want to work side by side with a professional organizer on one project, one room, or a whole house.

 Virtual Organizing is a great solution if you have limited time and/or work well on your own but want a "coach" on the sidelines to help you plan, guide the process, and coach you to the finish line. With virtual clients, we typically meet more often, for shorter periods of time, and the client works on specific goals between sessions.

 Why I do it:

 As a Home Organizing Coach, I have seen how clutter and disorganization at home can cause stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. Eventually, those feelings can affect our relationships. Not just our relationship with ourselves but also our relationships with our family members, friends, co-workers, and clients.

 What would you LOVE to see and feel in a perfect world full of unlimited possibilities when you walk through the front door? How would you LOVE to feel? I want this for you, too!

 Why survive when you can THRIVE!

 Living and working in an organized space actually creates more space... The space to dream, vision, and BE your future self NOW!

 My Mission is to help busy, overwhelmed individuals and families feel a sense of peace, mental calmness, and joy when walking into every room in the house.

 My Vision is to create a ripple effect, spreading happiness and harmony to every home in America by working with other coaches to share the power of aligning our physical and mental spaces.

 My Promise is to donate a percentage of every job to a non-profit or charitable organization of the client’s choosing. When the client lets me choose, I will select a local community-based organization.

How to maximize your credit scores for your best life! – Rose Sullivan

 Born in Japan to a G.I. father and a Japanese mother, my journey began with a blend of cultures and a spirit of adventure. Raised in the dynamic world of the Army, I experienced the challenges of constant relocation, yet it instilled in me a determination to create stability and opportunity for my own family.

 My mother's proud journey to citizenship in the USA, while carrying me, remains a poignant memory despite her tragically short life. Inspired by her example, I embarked on a mission to provide my son with the rooted upbringing I craved. Settling in Mill Valley, California, I crafted a childhood for him filled with enduring friendships and a deep connection to community.

 As he grew, so did my commitment to service and engagement. From room parent to volunteer extraordinaire with the Boy Scouts, mentoring his Robotics Team, and contributing to the historic West Point Inn, nestled in the majestic landscapes of Mount Tam, my passion for nature and nurturing thrived.

 Transitioning to a career in Mortgage Lending over two decades ago was a pivotal choice, one that empowered me to not only raise my son as a single mother but also to empower countless others in realizing their dreams of homeownership and entrepreneurship. I approach each client's journey with an educator's heart, guiding them through the complexities of real estate with unwavering dedication and integrity.

 My clients describe me as responsive, knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate. My mission remains clear: to prioritize their best interests, to provide clarity in the face of uncertainty, and to be a beacon of support as they navigate the path to their dreams.

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