11/11 November Chapter Meeting 11:30-1:30 PT

11/11 November Chapter Meeting 11:30-1:30 PT

Presenter: Melissa Washington

Melissa A. Washington, a Navy Veteran, is the CEO and Founder of Women Veterans Alliance. She is a disabled veteran small business owner, speaker, author, and award winner who is connecting women veterans across the nation.

Topic: Vanquishing The Invisible Warriors: Women Veterans
When you think of Veteran, does a woman come to mind?

Over 2 million women veterans have served our country and the number is rapidly growing. These dedicated women can be found nationwide, but go largely unrecognized in our communities. As a society, when Veterans are thought of women almost never come to mind. This oversight is so prevalent that statistics show that some of our women veterans do not identify themselves as Veterans.

November 11th we celebrate the men and women that have made the sacrifice to serve in the military. This Veterans Day let’s not forget the women that have served and continue to serve in our communities.


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Meeting Start Date/Time 11-11-2020 11:30 am
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