11-9-21 11:30am EST Montgomeryville, PA Hybrid Connect: Kathi Szabo

11-9-21 11:30am EST Montgomeryville, PA Hybrid Connect: Kathi Szabo

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November Speaker: Kathi Szabo

Eclectic Well-Being helps successful people who have not prioritized themselves in years and placed their true ambitions on hold, leaving them feeling unfulfilled and stuck in the same routine day after day, learn new multi-faceted and holistic approaches to well-being, so that they can find more happiness and health, live life feeling confidant and comfortable in their own skin, achieve even greater success, and create a life of abundance.

We have found many individuals over 45 have spent most of the last few decades taking care of their children or career letting their well-being take a back seat. They wake up one day maybe realizing they are overweight, unable to do the things they used to do and feel like they are getting old way too quick. Or they wake up and wonder if they will ever do the things they dream of, having the life they kept seeing somewhere in the future, but now the future is here. Whether it's their dreams, their health, or their relationships, they feel stuck in a rut.

The reality is they can’t see the forest for the trees. They focus on only one aspect of their lives at a time, not understanding that their health and well-being are tied together. That to have whatever they desire they need to make lasting changes and find a greater sense of purpose.

Eclectic Well-Being offers Transformational Coaching programs as well as our Exclusive Essnetial's Membership to hep take care of the Inner Self, the Outer Self and the Connected Self allowing our clients to live the life they desire with improved overall well-being.


TOPIC:  Mindset - 3 Ways to Create You, Your Business, Your Life!


1- Two states of being - Primal and Powerful

2- How our mind works that causes us to have the same negative thoughts over and over

3- How having clarity is key to getting you what you want

4- The power of decision



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Meeting Start Date/Time 11-09-2021 11:30 am
Meeting End Date/Time 11-09-2021 1:30 pm
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 9
Location Imperatore Bar and Wood Fired Grill
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