2021 Year End Mastermind - **Local Members Only**

2021 Year End Mastermind - **Local Members Only**
**Las Vegas Polka Dot Powerhouse Members Only**
Have Struggles in your business or personal life? Need help achieving your big goal or thinking through an idea?
We will be Masterminding to prep for the close of 2021, and the start of 2022.
During our Mastermind, every attendee will have an equal amount of time to present a challenge she is facing in her business, and then she receives advice, support, introductions, and insights from the other attendees.
This event will be held via Zoom to encourage all members to join. Be sure to Register to receive the link. 
*5 Guidelines for the Mastermind*
1) All intellectual property is free for the taking. Million-dollar ideas are a dime a dozen, it's the action that brings that idea to fruition.
2) No drama! Personal squabbles with other members must be left at the door to ensure a productive and professional experience for all.
3) No storytelling, keep everything directly relevant to the challenge at hand. Attendees are invited to connect on a deeper level and share stories outside of the mastermind event.
4) No selling - we're here to help one another's businesses grow, not to pitch our own services.
5) Confidentiality - please understand that the challenges presented may be sensitive or private, and always ask permission of one another if you would like to share something from our event with someone who wasn't in attendance.
*Mastermind Format*
- 60-second introductions
- Brain Warm-up Exercise

- The announcement of time allotted per person
- Presentation of challenges:
Step 1) One Dot at a time presents her challenge/request to the group. (the Presenter)
Step 2) The rest of the members of the group have time to ask any CLARIFYING questions needed to better understand the challenge/request.
Step 3) The remainder and bulk of the allotted time are for the group to offer feedback, advice, etc. The Presenter may call on the other members individually, or open it up to a general discussion as per her preference. 
This may last only 1 hour or it may go the entire 1.5 hour time period depending on the amount of sharing and number of participants. 

Meeting Details

Meeting Start Date/Time 11-22-2021 7:00 pm
Meeting End Date/Time 11-22-2021 8:30 pm
Capacity 10
Registered 1
Remaining Seats Available 9
We are no longer accepting registration for this meeting