HR - Evening Meeting - Sept 28th

Location - TBD

When to Say Yes and How to Say No - The Power of Healthy Boundaries 

Boundaries are the reason your business is thriving or the reason you feel burned out.  They can help you have amazing first dates or long, dramatic breakups.  They can make holidays with families peaceful or miserable.  In this workshop, I'll help you identify your boundary type and get clear on which boundaries need some work.  I'll teach you how to communicate your boundaries in the simplest, most effective way.  Finally, I'll show you exactly how to respond when someone does not respect a boundary you have set.  The skills I will teach you will help you set, strengthen and enforce your boundaries, which will change all aspects of your life, your business and your relationships!

Meeting Details

Meeting Start Date/Time 09-28-2020 6:15 pm
Meeting End Date/Time 09-28-2020 8:15 pm
Capacity 30
Registered 9
Remaining Seats Available 21
Speaker Melissa Snow
Number Hours 2
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