Legacy Leadership Applications are now closed.
Please check back for your opportunity to apply to become a Legacy Leader!

Legacy Leaders are the front line of Leadership of Polka Dot Powerhouse.

The purpose of Legacy Leadership Immersion is to have an ongoing and diverse group of loyal, longstanding PDP leaders to help with projects, committees, and receive priority advancement status on future paying Company Leadership Positions* based on availability. By having all Company Leaders become Legacy Leaders and experience Legacy Immersion, we ensure all leaders on the front lines of our company fully understand our history, our mission, our future and what sisterhood truly looks and feels like.

All applicants who are accepted to, and complete, immersion training receive:

  • Immediate placement on the PDP Legacy Leadership Team
  • Monthly one on one calls with our Founder, Shannon Crotty
  • Monthly Zoom Immersion Training Webinars
  • Invitation to attend Legacy Leadership Retreat each year (currently held in the Spring)
  • Priority status when applying for future PDP roles
  • Exclusive PDP merchandise including professional Legacy Leadership Apparel

Legacy Leadership Application Requirements:

  • Be an PDP active member for two years by August 3rd, 2018
  • Served in a Leadership position with PDP for no less than one year by August 3rd, 2018. (This includes Chapter Leadership, Managing Directors and Company Leadership)
  • Apply by deadline of Monday, January 15th, 2018. A multi-level interview process will follow with NO MORE THAN 15 new Immersion participants being accepted per year.

Our selection committee will be selecting our Legacy Leaders no later February 15th, 2018.

Once accepted as a Legacy Leader, you will have the following requirements to fulfill:

  • An immersion project in your area of interest must be completed by deadline.
  • Attendance and completion of the Legacy Leadership Immersion Weekend** in Chippewa Falls, WI on August 3-5, 2018. (**$299 registration fee for Immersion Weekend required. Price includes accommodations, food, all trainings and activities, surprises, and graduation). Travel expense not included.

Expectations of all who complete Legacy Immersion and wish to stay on PDP Legacy Team

  • Must serve in an active PDP position (committee, leadership, or otherwise) until an ideal upper role with PDP is available and found for them.
  • Must maintain an active PDP Membership
  • Event attendance at Leadership Day and Celebration each year, unless absence reason is approved by Shannon Crotty.
  • Yearly Company review and yearly Leadership contract.

*We reserve the right to fill any needed Company positions outside of the Legacy Team, if ideal applicant does not exists within the Legacy Team. All company positions must complete The Legacy Leadership Immersion at the next offering.