Aura Power With Dr. Sandra Camacho

Would you like to grow your business and attract more of your soul tribe clients without doing things that make you feel uncomfortable? For most women entrepreneurs, the answer is “YES!”

What creates success in your business is not so much your words, thoughts or actions as your ENERGY. When you radiate the clear confident energy that comes from inner alignment with your soul you become a magnet to your soul tribe clients.  

The #1 obstacle that blocks your energy from creating success in your business is cultural programming you have received from our patriarchal culture. Messages like “ I have to be perfect”, “I have to make everybody happy”, “I have to do things I hate if I want to be successful.”” These messages can stop you from shining your light and doing those things that naturally attract your ideal clients and create success in your business.

In this fun and empowering workshop, we will be doing live aura readings (complete with color drawings) and group energy clearings. This process will help you identify and clear out blocks so you create the inner alignment that shines your light and attracts more clients and success. Come and up-level your energy so you naturally create more success in your business and in your life.

About Dr. Sandra Camacho:

Dr. Sandra is an auric field consultant and intuitive business coach. She developed her skill of seeing the human energy field when she worked in private practice as a chiropractor. Dr. Camacho now uses her aura reading skill in helping women entrepreneurs release subconscious energy blocks so they naturally attract more clients and create more wealth and success in their businesses. 


Meeting starts promptly at 11:30 AM--come at 11:10 AM for networking and registration. Luncheon includes choice of three entrees with vegetarian option. $35 cash or Paypal payment accepted.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Meeting Details

Meeting Start Date/Time 05-06-2020 11:30 am
Meeting End Date/Time 05-06-2020 1:30 am
Capacity 30
Registered 5
Remaining Seats Available 25
Tabletop Tap House
175 4th St, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA
Tabletop Tap House

Location Map

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