Do you possess these qualities?
You may be the perfect addition to the Polka Dot Powerhouse Managing Director Team!


* Positive
* Goal Oriented
* Connected
* Self-Starter
* Strategic
* Energetic
* No-Excuse, Forward Action, Go-Getter
* Loves People
* Desire to Connect Others
* Optimistic
* Driven
* Happy
* Great Communicator/Promoter
* Strong, but Kind
* Team-Oriented


Managing Director Benefits:

We love our managing directors and we reward them for growing their chapters with commissions, perks, rewards, advancement opportunities, and the ability to lead an amazing community while also growing their existing business.

Managing Director Responsibilities:

Managing director responsibilities include: planning and hosting monthly chapter meetings, building and managing the chapter’s membership, building and managing the chapter’s leadership, promotion, social media, attending monthly online leadership meetings and/or trainings, providing support enthusiasm, positivity, engagement, support to members of their chapter and fellow members of their fellow managing director family.


I'm Ready!  I'm Excited!  How Do I Get Started?

Step 1:  You must be a current Polka Dot Powerhouse Business Member (or join) before applying.
Step 2:  Complete and return the application (link is below), your resume, and three references via email to Wendi Giuliano:
Step 3:  Your application and resume will be reviewed and you will receive a response within 3 calendar days. Rock and Roll!


You must be a current Polka Dot Powerhouse business member to open this document and apply. 
For more information on becoming Managing Director for Polka Dot Powerhouse, contact: