Polka Dot Powerhouse is an amazing, totally unique CONNECTION COMPANY.

We connect the world’s most positive, action-forward, amazing business women.  We connect them to network together.  We connect them to do business together.  We connect them to encourage and push each other to the next level in all aspects of life.  We connect them to build lifelong friendships and business relationships.

We connect them through many resources including:  an active online community, exclusive social media groups, online and in-person monthly meeting and an annual Celebration (conference).

Here's a message from our founder, Shannon Crotty:

I have always been a connection junkie. There's something about the glory of connecting to people and connecting them to each other that makes me happy. Some people like scrap booking, others like fishing....for me it's about positive connections.

Polka Dot Powerhouse has been an idea that has grown and changed in my head a thousand times. We took the best things we found through our experiences with connections companies and networking groups, we added things we felt were needed, and we eliminated things we felt got in the way of the most important aspect....Developing Fabulous Connections! Ta-Dah, Polka Dot Powerhouse was born.

We believe in not only building powerful, positive connections, but also in using them to educate, collaborate, and change the world. When you're grateful for a great connection, the logical next step is to gift it back. We reward people for their involvement, because we believe people who take action toward the betterment of their own lives and the lives of others, deserve a thank you or two (or twenty).

We hope you enjoy your membership at Polka Dot Powerhouse. Spread the word and watch the connections, the collaborations, and the world change!

Jumping with Joy,
Shannon Crotty