“Interested in making changes in your life on a business or personal level or both? Looking to surround yourself with people who will guide you, inspire you and nurture you and your aspirations? Then this is the group you've been waiting for. I've never sat in a room with so many fabulous women and felt so awesome to just be me! That's why I love me some Polka Dot Powerhouse! - Carrie Malicki (read Carrie's blog post: "Why I Rock The Dot." )

"In November 2014 we launched our local chapter. At the time I really didn't realize how this group of positive women were going to empower so many women. I am overwhelmed with the abundance of professional business women we have added to our chapter. The relationships that have transpired are tremendous. Feeling there was a need for a group like this, I took a leap and am so grateful I did." - Mindy Van Vleet

"Being a part of Polka Dot Powerhouse has been life changing for me! Learning to focus on being the best that I could be was not something that came easy to me as I having always put other's needs before mine. I know that is not always a bad thing but I found that not taking care of me first was not healthy for me, my relationships or my career. This group has made that possible by the motivational speakers, constant support, and personal and business connections that have been made. But the biggest thing is the energized and positive environment you are in when you are involved with any of the members and events that are taking place. I always leave feeling that I can't wait for the next meeting and regretting that it is a whole month away! Thank you to Polka Dot Powerhouse for helping me to be 'AWESOME"! - Jill Williams, Jill's My Style Studio

"Polka Dot Powerhouse has taken business and personal networking to a whole new level! I can almost FEEL the positive energy when I walk in the door. It’s in the air. These women are happy to be there, happy to share ideas and knowledge, happy to make new connections, and happy to celebrate not only their success…but yours as well! They lift each other up, expect the best from fellow members, and give their best back in return. A high standard has been set with this group, and I am proud to be a part of it!" - Kris Wiggins, Graphics Girl Designs

“Have you ever felt stuck in life and didn’t know what to do? I was there. Not happy with any aspect of my life. I knew I needed to make a change. So I joined Polka Dot Powerhouse.  Joining this networking group has been the best decision I made. It is a group of amazing women that all want the same thing…to always pay it forward with no strings attached. How amazing is that! In a few short months I have grown both personally and professionally. I’m doing things I never imagined I could do. Watch out world there’s no stopping me now.” - Becky Kuhrt, Koser Radio Network

“I joined polka dot to network with professional women. I never could have imagined the amount of genuine support, encouragement and friendship this has become! A true sisterhood.” - Hannah Walsh, Thrivent Financial

“Polka Dot Powerhouse is an AMAZING network of positive, supportive, encouraging people who want nothing more than for you to be the best version of yourself both personally and professionally. This group has been a very positive, vital influence in my life and I am so thankful this group exists. - Dr. Erin Scott, D.C, Fall Creek Chiropractic

"I love being a part of Polka Dot for so many reasons! My community and friendship connections have grown, it has benefited my business and it's just so much fun! Every time I am with my fellow "dotters", I can’t help but smile” - Rachel Funk Johnson, Crabbee Apple

“PDPH is more than just a group of women I see once a month at a lunch meeting.  These women are my support team who bring their energy, belief in me and individual business expertise to the table for me to use to maximize my business.  Whether you work from your home, your car or a traditional office having your own personal powerhouse will make you better in every aspect of your life.” - Alice Rothbauer, Independent Mary Kay Sales Director

"I checked out the website and knew instantly that this was something that I needed in my life. I became a member before even visiting a chapter. I went a step further and applied to open a chapter. After going through interviews and application process, I was honored to be offered a chapter. This opportunity came at the perfect time in my life.  I was focusing on my children and had lost myself along the way. Polka Dot Powerhouse helped find me again. My husband told me I had my sparkle back. I want to help other women find their sparkle. I have met so many new friends along the way, that inspire me to do and be more." - Heather Nardi

"What I love about Polka Dot Powerhouse is that it’s connecting me with an amazing group of women in my community. Being a member of PDPH has also helped stretch me into an all around better version of myself." - Sara Hefty, Project Lux

“I just experience my first week of Polka Dot Powerhouse and I am blow away by the amazing women in this group! Everyone is so positive and I am looking forward to everything it has to offer!” - Debi Waldusky, Edward Jones

“I have traveled a lot in my life and met a lot of interesting people, but I can honestly say that I have never felt more inspired or supported than when I joined Polka Dot Powerhouse! Words cannot express how grateful I am for what I have gained by joining Polka Dot Powerhouse! Which is saying a lot considering I’m a public speaker! I can’t begin to imagine what the world could be like if everyone had this in their lives! – Caroline Wee, Wee Communicate