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Launched in March 2016
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About Us:
Welcome to the San Francisco Chapter of Polka Dot Powerhouse
Our chapter is part of a growing national organization unlike any other.  In Polka Dot, women business owners, corporate sales and direct selling professionals discover a supportive and collaborative atmosphere, enabling you to grow yourself professionally and personally.  
We are not a networking organization - we are a connection company!
We focus on three pillars:

Sisterhood: We are here to support, foster, and grow great personal relationships that build into solid life-long business partnerships and collaborations.

Collaboration: We encourage our members to create meaningful collaborations with each other to foster growth in your businesses and industry

Celebration: We celebrate all the amazing things that happen in each member's life - something we rarely do for ourselves. 

At our monthly  lunch meetings (called Connects), you'll meet like-minded women who establish long-term referral partnerships and alliances in addition to new clients. When you're a member, you'll find our upbeat environment allows you to cultivate the best qualities of yourself while facilitating the same in others.  Dots, as we often refer to our members, are authentic and tap into the best traits of womanhood.
Membership takes you across the globe!
Joining Polka Dot gives you immediate access to our worldwide membership! Dots all across the Globe are here to support, collaborate, and celebrate you and your business!
Polka Dot Powerhouse has a vigorous online presence through Facebook groups and Zoom virtual Connect meetings.  You'll meet women in our chapter and across the U.S., Canada and the U.K.  With Facebook, you'll expand your community of companionable ladies who love to laugh, seek advice, uplift and challenge you to be the best woman you can be.
Maximize Your Membership!
Get out to our groundbreaking events and change your world forever! Our Regional Sisterhood Summit events and our National Celebration will turn your business mind upside-down as you see the amazing power of Collaboration and Celebration from women across the globe! These are must-attend events - and will open your eyes to new possibilities!
At our National Celebration, held over a 2-day workshop, features educational seminars, keynote speakers and loads of spontaneous get-togethers.  You'll walk away with a whole new group of sisters, accountability partners and cheerleaders supporting your journey at every step.
Your first visit is all you need!
Attend your first meeting as a guest and you'll realize that this is the group you've been looking for! All you pay for is your lunch!
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