Thurston County, WA

Launched in August 2018
Chapter Leadership:
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Managing Director
Speaker Coordinator
New Member Mentor
Social Media Support
Welcoming Coordinator
About Us:

Polkadot Powerhouse is a Connection company for Women. We are unique in many ways. We are not just a "leads group". We are a sisterhood of women who support, celebrate, collaborate and educate themselves personally and professionally.

Polkadot is now an 8 year old Connection company with 3,000 Members Nationwide and poised to grow around the world. Our mission is to reach every woman who needs us.

I first learned about Polkadot Powerhouse in 2016. I saw an Ad on Facebook and looked into the company. I was not able to find a chapter here in Olympia. The nearest chapter was Tacoma.

I waited to for 2 years to see if Olympia would host a chapter. This spring, I looked into Polkadot first hand and attended a meeting in Tacoma. I met some amazing women and decided to attend the Sisterhood Event in Seattle. I loved it so much. Everyone was so warm and friendly and I had so much fun, I didn't want to leave.

I submitted an application to apply for the position of Managing Director and to start our very own chapter, here in Thurston County. I was approved and our launch was on August 8th, 2018. We had an amazing day.  We hit Silver Elite status the day of launch, with over 30+ women in membership.

We are a new Chapter, we are growing and learning about Polkadot Powerhouse together.

If you are looking for a place to call "home", a place where you are loved and accepted, challenged and supported, come check us out!  We would love to meet you!


Tammie Rutledge 

Managing Director 

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