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I’m just about to celebrate a big milestone – one year in business for myself! I am so excited about 2015. I’ve found a real niche working with schools to use social media to tell their story.

But don’t think I haven’t struggled. I’m a single Mom and had to fight off two lucrative job offers to start working for someone else. One day, I was convinced that I needed to take the “steady” paycheck, while the next day I knew that I had so much more to give the world in running my own business.

So what else have I learned? So much that I could write a book. But today, I will share just 5 things.

Well, here we are a month in to 2015. Did you have a resolution for health related issues? Are you keeping up or has it begun to slip away with the hustle and bustle? Most people start off the year with a bang and then goals may start to slip away and we fall back into comfortable routines. According to statistics from 45% of Americans usually make a New Year’s resolution however 8% of the people are successful in achieving their resolution. 75% maintain their resolution through the first week yet only 46% continue to maintain for 6 months. In 2014 the top resolution was to lose weight and #5 on the list was to stay fit and healthy.

Sooooo Excited! Recently reached a goal I first stated in our Joliet Chapter meeting after I became a member!!  Wait - For - It.......I have been promoted to Senior Marketing Director with WFG (World Financial Group, owned by Transamerica Financial Advisorys, Inc). This is a major career opportunity!!! Thanks to all that were so very supportive.


I wanted to share a recent life lesson that I learned as I have been pursuing my new found purpose and passion. For so many years I kept my thoughts and life lessons, for the most part, to myself. I kept believing that if I had something people wanted to hear, they would ask. If they thought I could write, they would tell me and if they thought I could speak with inspiration, they would invite me. For the most part, no one did and when they said anything, it wasn't the overwhelming, "You know Holly you should write a book!" It was usually a little more subtle like, "That was nice. Good job."