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Frank Lloyd Wright once said, “Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.”

While not everyone envisions the relationship between art and function on the same scale as this esteemed architect and interior designer, women can appreciate the spirit of his words now more than ever.

With clients, meetings, deadlines, social media engagement, families and households packing schedules, functionality at home is near and dear to most female hearts. We are busy heading towards our goals and measuring our ROIs along the way; it makes sense that our home design style reflects this.

On the other hand, we girls never stop loving our pretty things. After all, “a thing of beauty is a joy forever,” as the poet Keats aptly penned. But, if you are like me, you may attach the addendum, “as long as it pulls its weight in some way!”

It’s difficult to see yourself realistically if you always have a fantasy of what you HAVE to or NEED to look like.

First off, STOP the following immediately:

STOP DIETING - diets don’t work.

STOP looking at the fashion mags, it’s possible to be thin & UNHEALTHY!

STOP beating yourself up for eating that cookie or piece of chocolate.

STOP wasting your time, energy and thoughts comparing yourself to other women.

STOP seeking validation and approval from numbers of calories burned or weight lost.

STOP bashing about how you look to others, please especially not in front of your children.

Oh how I love you dot connecting women. Each month as we attend our multiple events we get jazzed up, right? The anticipation of seeing all of your B.B.F’s (business best friends) in one room is more excitement that you can handle. I am sure there are a few introverts in the room too, but I know you - you are totally fine with me talking to the extroverts, you are used to it.

Either side of the ‘vert you sit on, I know you get that that little glimmer in your eye, a smile displayed on your face, and a little bounce is added to your step when you start talking about your biz.

Oftentimes this added boost of excitement ends when the event does.

We get back to our offices, either home or away, and the emails are piled up and the to-dos are a mile long. The event was your business getaway.

It doesn’t have to end - the party can keep rockin - online.

"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." ~Winston Churchill

If we are healthy and allow our emotions to flow, we may experience multiple emotions every day including, joy, sadness, fear, and anger. The concept of ‘emotion’ includes not only how we feel, but how we process and respond to those feelings.

Our brain is amazing. It thing in terms of how it can best respond to any situation in order to survive and reproduce, and it uses emotions as the catalyst to convince the rest of your body to act accordingly. So when you feel fear or stress, and the sympathetic (fight/flight/freeze) part of your nervous system is triggered, your digestion decreases, your heart rate and breathing rate increase, and there is more blood to your muscles so you can prepare to run from danger. When we feel joy, happiness, and peace, the parasympathetic (rest) part of your nervous system is triggered, and you can breathe deeply, digest and process food, and your body functions at a more balanced level.

Think just for a moment…In what situations are you most likely to experience emotional stress? What are your strongest emotions or reactions that arise under stress? Do you become anxious, angry, or apathetic? Do you withdraw? Laugh?