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1. Results May Vary

There are hundreds of options to choose from, none of which accurately describe what you will do on a daily basis. Did you know that the famous Dr. Oz was scolded by the FDA for promoting weight loss products with unsubstantiated claims? Yes, even Dr. Oz, who seemingly has your best interests at heart, is not being honest about the incredible commitment involved.

Do you ever feel like you just can’t keep up with what you “should be” doing to market your business?  Your friends, kids, experts are telling you that you should be doing Periscope or spending your time in LinkedIn groups, or investing in Infusionsoft, etc, etc… 

1. Identify your legal problem - Sometimes this is easy to do. If you want to get divorced, you need a divorce (or family) attorney. If you’re arrested you need a defense attorney. But sometimes you might have a legal problem but not know what sort of attorney you need. You can try googling your issues or speak to an attorney you know and describe the problem. Most attorneys are happy to refer people to other attorneys if they don’t practice in a particular area.

This will come as no shock to any of you: women are very hard on themselves. At some point, we bought the idea that this was the only way we would be good enough, succeed, prevent harm, avoid embarrassment, and otherwise somehow create a happy ending for ourselves and everyone we love. This goes hand-in-hand with spending a lot of time worrying about the future—often known as, “all the things that could go wrong!” It is also accompanied by a nice dose of martyrdom, wherein we convince ourselves that we don’t need to be acknowledged, to be appreciated, or to ever take a break from holding everything together through sheer force of will.

What if I told you this was all backwards?