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The topic of believing in yourself is one of my favorites. For some people it comes naturally, for others, they find it easier to doubt, second guess and sabotage their potential for success. I’ve heard numerous inspirational stories about people who allowed self-doubt, negative thoughts and fear dictate their lives. This tends to go on for many years until they receive a wake-up call. These wake-up calls range from heart attacks to the diagnosis of cancer. Either way, something HUGE inspired them to see their life differently.

A major disclaimer right off the bat here: I am not a movie person. Maybe it’s the old Protestant work ethic drummed into me from my prenatal days, maybe it’s just how my brain is wired, but I always feel like I could / should be doing something more productive with my time than watching movies. Enter my husband: Ivy League grad, physician extraordinaire, man of letters and culture, and a movie buff to his core. Fortunately, some of this rubbed off on me, but not the movies, especially not science fiction movies – more about this in another blog post. Can’t stand science fiction – never could, never will, even after more than three decades with my sci-fi loving husband. My husband loves to point out that I liked E.T. – who didn’t? That launches us into another discussion that goes south rapidly. But this blog post isn’t about sci-fi – it’s about dinner. 

As I began to think of what topic to write about to share with my fellow Polka Dots I was reminded of a day that I spent at a Caribou Coffee! This day was just like many before it. I had done tons of one on one meetings with fellow dots, prospective clients, along with a place to catch up with friends and family members. But this day was different!

Think for a minute back to when you were a teenager in science class. You learned about Pavlov’s dog. If you remember, Pavlov taught his dog how to salivate. He did that by ringing a bell and setting out food over and over again. This repeated action taught the dog that every time the dog heard the bell, there was going to be food. Soon he could ring the bell and the dog would salivate even when there was no food.