“I plan to wait until the kids are all out of school, then it’s me time.”

How often have we heard this, or thought something similar ourselves.  Planning for the big day, when something drastic changes in our life, either by plan or surprise, that will finally enable us to start pursuing a dream.

I call it waiting on the “lucky star”.

I can completely relate to the waiting on the lucky star mentality, I think we all can.  Who of us hasn’t rationalized the wait game…often with a good enough reason, while we stuff the dream away in the corner?  We keep the dream that’s been stirring inside us waiting on us and our lives…we keep it waiting for the perfect opportunity to pull it out of the corner and into life.

But over time, and with the lack of momentum, the dust starts to gather and one thing replaces the next for reasons we continue to wait.  Life is never perfect and seldom offers the scenario we’ve envisioned in our mind as the day we move forward.  More dust.

The lucky star remains elusive and rare.  We think others have received it as they move forward with their dreams.  They must have been at the right place and at the right time.  They must have inherited money or come across an angel investor.  They must have a lot of free times on their hands and absolutely no stress at all.  If you believe all that, I have a commercial lot in space to sell you.  I call bullshit.

Do you know how lucky stars materialize?  They’re MADE , they’re  built…sometimes over days and sometimes over years.  They’re made of fear, a significant level of stress and the scared beyond belief feeling in your gut (please note: the person you admire and think they have it all together has that feeling in their gut too).  But mostly they’re made of courage, of passion, of stepping on that first step and then the next, even as some people near you are questioning your ability. Even as the doubting voice that sometimes lives in your head questions if you’re worthy (you ARE!) Lucky stars are made of ACTION!

The frustrating part about hearing people wait on their “lucky star” is that we all have the materials to make your own lucky star built right into us.  All of us do.  It’s like being handed the keys to the kingdom and then waiting for the perfect key ring to be given to us before we use it.

I’m not telling you not to do your homework, I’m not telling you not to plan well and I’m not telling you that some aspects of success don’t require patience.  They do.  What I am telling you is that the minute you’re ready to roll, you’ve got all the motivation you need, your “lucky star” right inside you.

Sure, if you don’t want to find your own courage, you can keep waiting and looking in the sky for your lucky star to fall on you…but get comfortable, you’re odds are better to win the lottery.

To start building your own lucky star, TAKE ACTION, even if it’s little step toward a dream you’ve kept in the corner…keep taking action as long as it keeps the momentum going and makes you happy.  Surround yourself with really positive people who also work on their own “lucky star” and support your construction of you own.

Above all else, know you have everything you need inside you…to move forward, to inspire, to change the world.  You ARE your own lucky star!!!

Get out there and SHINE!