It is something we all want, but can one family really make a difference?

The answer is yes! There are things that we do every day in our homes that pollute the earth: cleaning with chemicals that contaminate our waterways, wasting precious energy, driving cars that pollute the air, and creating more wastes than we realize. But by taking a few simple steps, you can do your part to create a healthier, cleaner planet.


Step 1

Convert your home to safe, green, eco-friendly products. We all depend on clean water. That is why it is so important to protect our waterways from contamination. Common household cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that end up going down the drain. In the US, 500,000 tons of pollutants pour into lakes and rivers every day. And many chemicals are not removed, even after passing through water treatment facilities. The solution is to use cleaning products without chlorine, ammonia, phosphate and other harsh chemicals to help reduce the amount of pollutants that enter our waterways. Use safe, green, eco-friendly products that work better than competitive products without using harsh chemicals. Non-toxic formulas are naturally biodegradable to keep waterways clean and clear.

Step 2

Recycle. Every year, people in the US generate approximately 230 million tons of garbage a year, about 4.6 pounds of garbage per person every day. Less than ¼ of that garbage is recycled. And that’s a shame. Recycling keeps unnecessary garbage out of our landfills and conserves Earth’s precious natural resources. If your city does not provide a municipal recycling program, find a recycling center that will accept your items. Recycle old newspapers, aluminum cans, glass bottles, cardboard packaging, and plastic containers to help reduce the trash your family generates.

Step 3

Skip a car trip every week. Vehicle gas alone contributes about 60% of all air pollution emissions nationwide and up to 90% in cities. One of the best things you can do to improve air quality is to skip at least one car trip once a week. Use mass transit, ride your bike, or carpool wherever possible to help to reduce the amount of pollutants you are creating. It really does make a difference.

Step 4

Adjust your thermostat and wash in cold water. Our modern world requires energy to run, but each of us can be responsible for how often and how much energy we use especially in our own homes. Did you know that 45% of your home energy consumption comes from heating and cooling? Program or manually turn down your thermostat by two degrees in the winter and turn it up two degrees in the summer to cut down on energy costs. Another way you consume lots of energy at home is in hot water. To conserve, use eEco-sense laundry products with cold water. They are formulated to clean and brighten clothes in all temperatures including cold. These two minor changes alone could reduce the energy that you consume by 15% plus you could save up to $200 a year on your energy bills. The change is small but the impact is enormous. The steps are simple. Convert your home to safe, green, eco-sense products, recycle, skip a car trip every week, adjust your thermostat. Simple but can make a huge difference so join us when each of us does our part; we make a lasting difference for a healthier, cleaner planet.

Linda Burwell is from Atlanta, Kansas and operates her business, Safe and Green, as a consultant with Melaleuca, the Wellness Company. She has been married to her husband for 49 years, and they have four daughters, one son, and eight grandchildren. She loves to organic garden, read (especially about improving our health), travel, and meet new positive people.