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As Polka Dot Powerhouse sisters, we have abundant schedules with many demands. Sometimes, it may seem almost impossible to eat healthy. Do we have enough time? What are the best choices? What if we need to go out to eat with a client? The truth is—we ARE what we eat. If you want to be on the path to more energy and better health, check out our 5P’s of healthy eating.

It is something we all want, but can one family really make a difference?

The answer is yes! There are things that we do every day in our homes that pollute the earth: cleaning with chemicals that contaminate our waterways, wasting precious energy, driving cars that pollute the air, and creating more wastes than we realize. But by taking a few simple steps, you can do your part to create a healthier, cleaner planet.


We are now well into the New Year; did you make a couple of New Year resolutions?  How are you doing?  Sticking to that diet, exercise program or promise to be a better person?  Don’t feel bad if you are having trouble meeting these resolutions, most indeed do fail.  Resolutions are essentially a goal and research has shown in order to be successful at achieving our goals they should be written down and made Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-anchored (American College of Sports Medicine). 


Through my years of networking, I’ve discovered that I can’t get enough of learning about others’ businesses. I get engrossed with hearing what drives them – why they do what they do.

As soon as I start meeting with someone, the gears in my head start turning + I try to think of the perfect connection for them. It’s part of my passion for why I do what I do- I am a connector.

But there is one statement that I hear in too many connections that needs to be changed.