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Easily Discover Your Ideal Clients and Enjoy Greater Profits

Do you know one of the biggest stumbling blocks to growing most businesses? It's having the right type (and amount) of clients. Too few and you struggle to pay the bills, too many and you struggle to provide great service.

This post is for you if you’re ready to enjoy a more fun and profitable business with a steady stream of YOUR ideal clients.

Ever since I was a little girl I have wished for a large family that loved me, cared about me, and a place where I mattered.

You know, like the kind in the movies where there are large family gatherings and people actually notice if you don’t show up.

I always thought I would marry into this big dream I had for myself. Guess what? I live alone…still.

It’s a bit ironic that my mission in life is to motivate, inspire and hold others accountable and yet, I’ve spent the last two years playing small when it comes to taking action on my ultimate purpose.

My gift is inspiration. It’s who I am and what I am meant for. Only, since discovering this two years ago, I’ve almost been paralyzed to take action. I’ve disguised it as not really knowing how to pursue it PERFECTLY, but in reality I’ve partially tried to ignore it so it would go away and I wouldn’t have to be so brave.

Ever wonder where you'll meet your next customer? Well, keep yourself open to opportunities and you could find one sitting right next to you.

I was at a literary event at which I was scheduled to read some of my flash fiction and poetry. My friend and I sat at a table, chatting before things got underway. A man who looked familiar walked in and, since the organizer was busy, I let him know he could sit anywhere he liked, and that there was room at our table if he was interested.