It is human nature to see the world through our own unique point of view.  In sales, an indispensable attribute is the ability to see things through your customer’s point of view.  What is important to them?  What is going on in their business or life right now? It takes hard work and deliberate thought to move from automatically seeing things through our own eyes to seeing things through our customers’ eyes.

The last few months I’ve noticed Facebook posts that go something like this: “I’m only $200 away from this month’s sales goal.  I could really use your help. Click on the link to view our wonderful products.”

Is this technique wrong?  No.  Does it often work?  Yes. What I’m asking you to consider is whether this is the best long-term sales strategy to use?  Is this what you want to post month after month? 

When you ask someone to help you meet a goal, the only benefit you’re expressing is your own.  I argue that by selling your products or services using your customer’s point of view, you won’t have to ask people to help you earn those last few dollars each month.  You will have already surpassed your goal.

We’ve all heard the term “benefit statement”, but how do you use the benefits of your product to really move towards a client focused sales model?  I spent many years in outside sales, and I built my core base of customers by making sure I was seeing my product through my customers’ eyes.  Did this happen overnight? Heck no!  I spent years asking questions and observing not only what my customers said, but what they did.  I will never sell a product or service that I don’t believe in or wouldn’t use myself.  But what I see as a benefit of what I’m selling is not necessarily a benefit to every customer. 

Everyone has a list of benefits we see in our products.  That list may include:

  • Made in the USA
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Free shipping
  • Made with all natural ingredients

Yes, others will find these attributes beneficial.  If you only tout the benefits you see, you are once again using this “I” point of reference.  Think of all the customers you could be missing.  So go a step further, ask your best customers why they buy your product or service.  Do this on social media.  People love to express their opinions.  You’ll get engagement, testimonials, and a list of totally new benefits you probably didn’t know your product had!

I challenge you to add customer focused benefit research to your strategy.  Start to see your product or service from your customer’s point of view.  Use social media to show your customers you are focused on them.  Post about the benefits you see in your product and the benefits your customers tell you they see.  Ask questions.  Listen and observe. Utilize the information.  Not only can this help you make this month’s sales goal, you could obliterate those goals each and every month!

Laurel Fischer is a member of the Las Cruces, NM chapter of Polka Dot Powerhouse as well as a Diamond member.  She is a Relationship Marketing and Strategy Consultant.  Laurel founded STL Interactive Innovations, LLC after many years working in sales and marketing for Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and start-ups.  At STL Interactive Innovations, the “Sky’s The Limit” on what individuals and organizations can achieve by improving their marketing and sales communication strategies.  Learn more about Laurel and her business at