My daughter sings this song called “The Song that Never Ends” and it goes on and on, my friend. And you started singing for reasons just because…. 

This reminded me of chores that never end. I think they must have always existed for humans. Currently, us, modern humans, have got the dishes, laundry, going to work to make money and paying the bills. On and on. Repeat. Do again. It never ends.

A few weeks ago, I was standing in my kitchen on a morning I’d planned to walk instead of clean, but the kitchen was a mess. I’d worked a late night the day before and left my husband and children to their own devices. I could tell they’d done some cleaning, but there was still piles of dishes and the counters were dirty. I was frustrated and feeling overwhelmed by what I saw.

Instead of cleaning, I said to hell with it and went walking anyway, because….. it’s the chore that never ends, it goes on and on, my friend….  It’s important to me that these chores don’t get so out of hand that I spend hours cleaning.  At the same time, having my morning in the sunny crisp air and having the time to clear my mind and let my body release stress was more important in that moment. I don’t always decide to do it this way. Sometimes, the messes of life with kids, work and too many pets, just requires I stay and do the adult thing. There’s satisfaction from the accomplishment of the tidy house too.

What I realized when I made the choice to walk that day was:

It was a choice. 

Each and every time, I clean, or walk, or just go take a nap (which really doesn’t happen often enough) I’m making a choice. Sometimes the adult thing to do is to tidy and sometimes it's to get the hell away from home and let it all go. The result of my choice is what’s really important. Yes, that day, I came home to a messy kitchen, but the result I needed at that time was the joy that comes from a walk in nature.  

So I invite you to make your choices carefully when it comes to those never ending chores. What’s the result you need on that day, in that moment? You know the laundry will just pile up again, so maybe a larger pile is ok, or maybe it’s not; maybe a nap is what you need or possibly a chat with a friend. The choice and result is yours to enjoy.

And if you want to sing the song that never ends, have it go on and on my friend, you can get it stuck in your head by listening in here.

Heather Sontag of Serene Space works with overwhelmed moms and busy entrepreneurial women to Clear their lives of clutter- physical, mental and emotional clutter. In partnership with her clients she facilitates the creation of peaceful and productive lives in which to both work and live. After working with Heather, clients feel lighter, more relaxed and freer to pursue dreams in their everyday life.