Sonoma, CA

Launched In: April 2016
Chapter Leadership:
Rie Casale
Managing Director
Wendy Berry
Speaker Coordinator
‭(321) 544-1276‬
Terry Birt
Member Engagement Coordinator
‭(707) 287-7878‬
Joanie Hahn
Socials Coordinator
‭(408) 406-6791‬

Welcome to the Sonoma Chapter of Polka Dot Powerhouse.

I decided to start a Polka Dot Powerhouse chapter, as I believe so strongly that people do business with people they like, and I wanted to create a forum to bring together professional women in and around Sonoma.

Polka Dot (it's for women only) Powerhouse (is what we are when we band together) "connects the most positive, most action-forward, most amazing can-do business women. We connect them to network together. We connect them to do business together. We connect them to encourage and push each other to the next level in all aspects of life. We connect them to build lifelong friendships and business relationships.

This does not mean you need to be a business owner or entrepreneur to be part of - and find value in - our group. Most of our members joined us to both develop their professional side / business, but also to simply form new friendships and relationships with women. Many of us are at different stages in our lives than say 10-15 years ago, and may have different interests and want to find common ground with women outside of our immediate circle of friends. Polka Dot Powerhouse is perfect for both aspects.

Clearly, with 40-60-100+ women who do business together there is huge "shop local" development happening, which we love. Not only is this word-of-mouth advertising amped up, but it also helps the community tremendously. Your business will grow as a result of being part of our group, and you will help the other members' businesses grow too. In turn, they will learn from your wisdom and expertise as well. 

There is so much more to us than I can describe here. Please take a leap of faith and come join us at one of our monthly meetings. These center around a growth based agenda - with introductions, collaborations, celebrations, inspiration and a speaker, and plenty of opportunity to connect with the other guests and members. We offer the meetings at happy hour and at lunch time. See below for dates and hours. There you will also see we offer an evening social every month, plus a coffee morning. All to enable you to connect with the members and hopefully build deeper connections which most likely will have you meet outside our offered connect times as well.

The first meeting is a no-obligation meeting. Come see for yourself, and if you like us, then you can join us as a member :-) We'd love to have you.

P.s. think you know all about connecting and networking - you haven't been to a Polka Dot Powerhouse meeting.  We are very very different. The only requirement we have of you is that you show up as much as you can, and you are positive and forward looking. That's it!