Harrisonburg, VA

Launched In: November 2018
Chapter Leadership:
Erin L Seal
Managing Director
(540) 421-5663
Dana Neff
Social Media Coordinator
Helen Phillips Cockrell
New Member Mentor
Sable Ponn
Social Events Coordinator
Julianne Maloney-Smith
Guest Speaker Coordinator

Thank you for visiting the Harrisonburg, VA chapter page of the growing international company, Polka Dot Powerhouse.

In Polka Dot, women can come together, collaborate, uplift and support one another in a drama-FREE and positive environment.  Its a connections and networking group unlike any that you have experienced before.  We celebrate the fact that we are women and think like women, in a sometimes very cut and dry world. Polka Dot enables women business owners, entrepreneurs, and community leaders to grow and develop professionally and personally.

Our monthly meetings are a chance to share and support one another locally.  Our chapter is based out of Harrisonburg, but it encompasses members from the surrounding communities as well.  Gatherings are a chance to grow your business, make special announcements, collaborate on projects, get referrals and build lasting friendships. 

Our strong social media presence allows us to connect and support one another nationally, and in Canada.  When you "connect the Dots" through online conference calls, emails and phone calls, the exchange of ideas and wealth of knowledge is truly amazing.  

Dots feel like they are your long-lost sisters.  The difference is, you get to PICK these sisters :)

Join us for our next gathering, and we can celebrate YOU!

Upcoming Meetings:

April Luncheon

04-20-2021 11:30 am -1:30 pm

May Luncheon

05-18-2021 11:30 am -1:30 pm