Aptos, CA

Launched In: March 2018
Chapter Leadership:
Candace Harding
Managing Director
Rose Firpo
Greeting Coordinator
Sonia Le
Social Media Coordinator
Patricia White
Memership Support Coordinator

Hi there!  I am so excited you are here!  That's how you will feel when you attend a Polka Dot Powerhouse meeting! Excited!  I remember my first meeting and how different it was from so many other networking groups...It felt like home.

I love the beginning of the PDP mission statement....We connect the world's most positive, action-forward amazing women.  That sounds so great doesn't it?  Well it is!  But there is so much more!

The women at PDP are up lifters and support each other to grow every day. This is a place you can grow your business and collaborate with other really smart business women. It's about connecting first...and the business comes.  There's no competition or drama here!  When you are in the PDP sisterhood, you are greeted with a enthusiastic smile and hug!  It's a great place to be.

So I hope you check us out and come to a meeting!  Don't hesitate to call me so we can connect!  I would be happy to talk over the phone or connect in person.  My door is open wide!

See you at the next meeting!


Candace Harding

Managing Director - Aptos